Committed to the UN Global Compact in Spain: Promoting a Sustainable Future

Recently we joined the UN Global Compact as a new member in Spain. In a world that is constantly changing, sustainability has become a mainstay for companies. We are proud to announce that Almendras LLOPIS is committed to the UN Global Compact in Spain, a global movement whose objective is to promote the sustainability and the ethical values in the business world.

Our commitment is conveyed in specific measures. We have implemented policies and practices that promote gender equality, diversity in the workplace and the reduction of our ecological footprint. We are committed to doing business ethically and responsibly, always focusing on the well-being of our community and the planet.

As well as the UN Global Compact, we are part of a global network of companies and organisations that share our vision of a better world. The collaboration, sharing good practices and the constant search for sustainable solutions inspires us.

At Almendras LLOPIS, we believe that sustainability and corporate responsibility is not only a duty, it is also an opportunity to innovate and prosper in a changing world! We are committed to carrying on with our work in this direction, by promoting a sustainable future for future generations.

Here is the link in which we appear as a company that has joined the cause for a sustainable future. Committed to the UN Global Compact