Passion for doing our job properly

Since 1923, faithful to our origins

It has been more than 80 years since Mr. Vicente Llopis Espinós started his Spanish almond shelling business in Alicante. Since then, the Llopis family, now in the fourth generation, has been working in the almond business being always faithful to their origins.
The company from Alicante, known nowadays as “Almendras Llopis”, was established in 1974. It is during that time when they decided to move from their original headquarters to the Canastell industrial estate in San Vicente del Raspeig.
It was already in the 80s when the company’s strategy changed and focused in the export of its products worldwide, as it is now. 
The 90s were the years of technological development with the incorporation of new lines and new technology in the almond processing plant.
During the last years of the 20th century the company has developed its strategy towards the added value of our products together with high quality standards and customer service.
Nowadays, the most important challenge undertaken by Almendras Llopis is that of our agricultural division. The new circumstances in the market require a greater integration, and a company like ours to cover all the stages of production, from the field to the marketing and to the industry. From the times of manual shelling where each worker had to crack the almonds one by one with a wooden mace to our modern crops and industrial processes, methods have changed together with the quality and safety requirements of the market, what has not changed is our passion for a job well done.



The quality of our products and the service we offer is always impeccable.
We know that the chain productions of the confectionery and ice-cream industries depend on our products and our good work.


Great experience with our product, the almond.
Our company has been working with this product for more than 80 years and during this time we have known the Spanish products and productions, as well as the Californian ones and others that are starting to be seen, such as the Australian and Chilean almonds.



We are a leading company regarding the technology that we use in our industrial plant in Alicante.
We know that technology is essential and indispensable in order to offer the quality and guarantee of the product that the international market needs.


With our customers.
Our main commitment is to be near our customers in order to collaborate with them in anything they need.

With our company  and with the people whose efforts and work make everything go forward.
The people working in our company are the cause of success and the real value that we offer to our customers.

With food security
We know the importance of the security of our products and the whole company is committed to this essential principle.

With the environment and society
The Social Responsibility with the environment around us is, and always will be, a shared commitment by everyone in Almendras Llopis.