We are committed to quality

Our commitment to improvement and revision continues

Quality standards

The product selection line of Almendras Llopis is currently the most advanced in the sector. 
With the commitment to carry out the continuous revision and improvement of the system, we have turned the search for quality into a main objective, both regarding our product and management. 
Food companies are engaged in offering complete consumer safety regarding the origin and wholesomeness of their products. 
In Almendras LLOPIS we go even further concerning the safety of our products, offering a service of commitment and collaboration with the quality departments of our customers and providing our knowledge to their R&D areas in order to achieve synergies.

Always at the forefront

In order to always ensure the highest quality of our products, the investment in R&D is a chief cornerstone in a company of the size of LLOPIS. 
The production of the LLOPIS GROUP has increased at the same pace as our investment in machinery, technology and specialist knowledge to guarantee the high quality standards that define us. In the year 2016 alone, LLOPIS GROUP has invested more than 6 million euros, always on the search for excellence in everything we do.

Food Security Regulations

The protocol of Global Food Security has as its main objective to ensure that suppliers meet the requirements which guarantee food safety. In order to obtain these certificates, Almendras LLOPIS must have the necessary systems to identify and control the dangers that can have a negative effect in food safety by means of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP) and counting on the solid commitment of our management team.