The food industry demands quality

Our great experience as almond suppliers has brought us to work with some of the most important food companies who have found in Llopis a reliable and highly technical company that offers a high quality product.

Cutting-edge technology

Almendras Llopis has recently modernised all of its production lines, up to the point of having the most technical plant in Spain.

A product ready for distribution

In our headquarters of San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante), we carry out all of the industrial processes of almonds to be offered in the food industry with the guarantee of the “LLOPIS” brand.

Quality assurance

Our high quality product has made the main companies trust in our brand.

Technical Data

Our processing plant is located in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante). We have recently modernised all our facilities.

More than 12,000 square metres where we carry out all of the industrial processes almonds require to be offered to the food industry: blanched, roasted, silvered…   

More than 30,000 million tons of industrial processing

In LLOPIS PORTUGAL: 700 MT. 2,33% of our production
In MONTES DAS LANÇAS: 270 MT. 0,9% of our production
In ALMENDRAS DEL GUADIANA: 1,600 MT 5,33% of our production

Llopis in figures

Our sales keep on growing

In LLOPIS we base our business strategy in offering a quality product that makes a difference, and that is precisely what our customers are looking for. As the figure on the right shows, the increase in sales of the last years speaks for itself.

LLOPIS: a company with an international scope

We broaden our success to other markets out of Spain

As the market has been requiring new almond products, in LLOPIS we knew not only how to adapt ourselves to this changing situation but also to anticipate to it.

This tradition of excellence has become the personal and undisputed hallmark of the LLOPIS Group around the world: Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, South Africa, Japan…

Thus, our experience as almond suppliers of the biggest international food companies has made us a highly technical industry in regards to the processing of almonds and a main high quality benchmark in the food industry.

Figures back us

Having in mind the positive evolution of the recent agricultural holdings (LLOPIS PORTUGAL and SOCIEDAD AGRÍCOLA MONTES LANÇAS) the production of the LLOPIS Group is going to increase exponentially in the next years.

Our future prospects turn into expansion and growth figures for a company in constant evolution.